ISO 9001 Certificate, ISO 9001 Certificate, ISO 9001 Quality Management System

ISO 9001 Certificate ; Today's business competition conditions are getting more challenging day by day. Developing technology and growing information network have carried the world trade to a global dimension. As it became easier for customers to reach vendors, their expectations started to increase. Institutions and organizations that want to meet the expectations of their customers in the best way have started customer-oriented production and after this stage the concept of " Quality Management System " has emerged. In 1987, ISO 9000 Quality Standards Series was published by the International Standards Organization (ISO). ISO 9000 reveals how quality management can be achieved by ensuring continuous improvement and maximum customer satisfaction.

ISO 9001 Certificate, ISO 9001 Quality Management System

ISO 9001 Certificate is the standard that defines the conditions to be applied during the establishment of the Quality Management System and is the basis for certification. In addition to this, there is also a guide published by the International Standards Organization (ISO). Along with this guide, ISO 9001 Certificate is named as ISO 9000. ISO 9001 Quality Management System, which offers the minimum conditions for an effective quality management, is valid for all sectors regardless of scale.

What Are the Benefits of ISO 9001 Certificate?

  • The level of customer satisfaction increases.
  • Customer loyalty increases.
  • When production is made according to customer requests, transaction costs are reduced.
  • Activities are planned better, problems are solved faster; A fast and agile organizational structure is achieved.
  • Competitive advantage is gained, new marketing opportunities arise.
  • The image of the organization is strengthened, the trust of the customers increases.
  • With the mission of continuous improvement, the efficiency of employees increases.

How to Obtain ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate?

Quality management system certification takes place in two stages. First of all, the company must meet the ISO 9001 Certificate standards. Then, the Accredited Certification firm must audit the relevant firm. As a result of the audit, if the company complies with the standards, it is entitled to receive ISO 9001 Certificate .
DSR CERTIFICATION will help you with the expert audit team at all stages of certification.

Is It Necessary to Obtain ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate?

Iso 9001 Certificate , one of the priorities of all institutions is to provide quality service to customers. It is possible to achieve this systematically with ISO 9001 Quality Management . Many institutions receive the certificate of interest and assure their customers that they offer a global level of service quality. It can be said that obtaining ISO 9001 Certificate is a must for businesses that want to provide quality service to their customers and aim to increase brand loyalty and image.

How does ISO 9001 ensure quality?

The human factor is important for quality. However, ideas and a systematic order are also required. ISO 9001 Certificate offers a procedure that employees who own the business can follow or follow at any time. Thus, the idea of ​​the quality of products or services always keeps its priority within the organization alive. Another issue is the functioning of the quality control system. ISO 9001 necessitates the implementation of the procedure to ensure the implementation of an effective control mechanism. Thus, products and services can be monitored by anyone at any time. What is reflected in the final consumer is a satisfactory service / product.

What is the loss of a company that does not have an ISO 9001 certificate?

ISO 9001 Certificate is a document that formalizes brand reliability. It is difficult to be sure of the service quality of an institution that does not have this certificate. Again, the company with ISO 9001 Certificate is advantageous in terms of brand image and prestige. The fact that the institution has an activity that continuously improves itself in terms of quality for customer satisfaction makes it important to have an ISO 9001 Certificate. ISO 9001 Certificate has a great effect on the development of goals such as sustainability, gaining new customers, and increasing market share.

Another point that reveals the importance of ISO 9001 Certificate ' is that public / private institutions that will establish a partnership or purchase products or services with a contract are looking for the condition of having ISO 9001 quality certificate. It means that a company does not have the relevant document; It means that it cannot cooperate with public and private institutions.

As a result, we can express the following. The company needs ISO 9001 regulation in order to improve the product and service standards. This regulation directly affects the company's prestige, image and the collaborations it will establish. In order not to miss these advantages, it is necessary to obtain the ISO 9001 Certificate.


Company Manager
Thank you for your experience in the sector, your structure that does not compromise ethical principles, and for providing us with all kinds of support in the certification processes with your experienced staff; We wish your success to continue for many years.


Company Manager
Our audit processes carried out with you are far from the abrasion experienced due to the nature of the audits, on the contrary, it has progressed in a restorative and constructive manner on behalf of our company. We would like to thank you again for your support in all these processes.


Company Manager
We would like to thank you for making the necessary improvements within the scope of ISO 27001 Information Security Management System studies that we initiated at our Grup Şişli Florence Nightingale hospital on 21.01.2018, and for making our information management processes safer with the audits you have carried out.


B.G.Y. System Representative
We express our satisfaction to DSR Certification and its employees for their sensitivity regarding the compliance of the Information Security Management System of our company with the ISO 27001: 2013 standard, the follow-up of the necessary regulations and improvements, the necessary care and services to inform our personnel, and to ensure sustainability, and thank you for your assistance.


University Administration
In the process of establishing ISO 27001: 2013 Information Security Management System in our university, DSR Certification's efforts and contributions are enormous in the creation of the basic awareness and the components that affect the entire information management process in our university. Throughout the service we received, we are also very pleased that solutions specific to our institution are produced for our problems and that this resolution process is carried out quickly.

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