ISO 27001 Information Security Management System

Information is a very important element for the continuity of a business. Information can be stored and protected in many ways. However, this development of technology requires better protection of information. Accessing information in many legal and illegal ways is much easier nowadays. For this reason, it has become a necessity for businesses to establish an information security system. Information security management system; is the protection of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

What is ISO 27001 Information Security Management System?

ISO 27001 Information Security Management System is a management system that includes employees, processes and information systems in providing corporate information security and is supported by senior management. It is designed to protect information assets and create trust. ISO 27001 Certificate ; It includes corporate structure, policies, planning activities, responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes and resources. Businesses in the IT sector dealing with jobs such as satellite, communication, infrastructure, GMPCS mobile phone service, internet provider must obtain ISO 27001 Certificate .

What are the Benefits of ISO 27001 Information Security Management System?

  • Provides reliable, valid and accurate information.
  • It prevents waste of time and unnecessary workload.
  • Minimizes the risk.
  • Here provides continuity.
  • Helps protect information privacy.
  • Increases awareness of information security among employees.
  • It is an indication of compliance with legal obligations.
  • Access to information assets is securely protected.
  • The reputation of the institution is protected.
  • Provides a competitive advantage to the business.

How to Obtain ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Certificate?

Businesses wishing to obtain ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Certificate can get help from DSR CERTIFICATION. DSR CERTIFICATION will guide you with its expert staff. Please contact us to apply.

Why Should You Get ISO 27001 Certificate?

ISO 27001 Certificate , every organization is aware that information security has become more important with digital transformation. Ensuring the accessibility of information, processing and, of course, ensuring its security, can systematize the activities of the institution. ISO 27001 Certificate is a regulation prepared on a global scale and therefore can contribute to the company's prestige in the global market. These have a much more important issue that makes it obligatory to obtain the document. Companies participating in the tender, companies that sell services or products must have ISO 27001 Certificate in order to participate in the tender processes. This does not apply to all tender specifications; However, in the specification of the tenders made by public institutions, there is an article stating that companies with information security certificate can participate in the tender. In particular, companies must have ISO 27001 certificate for large-scale or confidential tenders.
There is no ISO 27001 requirement for public institutions. However, despite this, strategic institutions provide the relevant document to ensure information security at a global level. Institutions receive the training required to obtain the certificate and realize the transformation. Private institutions should be much more qualified than public institutions. It is not possible for organizations that victimize their customers in matters such as information security or access to obtain a positive image.

ISO 27001 Information Security Certificate in 5 Questions

We are in a period where the functioning of institutions and organizations by making information holistic is important. Accessibility to information, holistic approach and experience with security enable companies to be successful. Companies that ensure the security of information, process it and transform itself in a way with global standard measures need ISO 27001 Information Security Certificate.

1. What is ISO 27001 Information Security Certificate, what does it provide?
Information is needed for commercial activities to continue. The collection, processing and security of this information is problematic for institutions. In order to overcome this problem, a world-wide systematic is needed. The regulation offering maximum performance in terms of ensuring the security of information is provided with ISO 27001 .

2. What information is included in the ISO 27001 Certificate?
We can state that the information meant by the ISO 27001 Certificate is any written or verbal information. Information, whether printed on paper, sent by e-mail or verbally declared at meetings, is information that needs to be secured. The fact that this information provides commercial advantage for the company and the firm further increases the security of the information.

3. Where to get ISO 27001 Certificate Information Security Certificate?
In order to transform your company in the field of information security, they need to apply to ISO 27001 Certified consultancy and training companies. After the training is completed, you are entitled to receive a certificate. Training periods may vary depending on the size of the company and its deficiencies in information security. This time and firm size directly affect the training budget.

4. What is the benefit of ISO 27001 Certificate Information Security?
First of all, we can say that institutions that realize the benefit of information will also notice the advantages provided by the relevant document. The fact that the information processed by the institution is somehow captured by other people or the complete collapse of the systems that provide information access in the institution can cause great harm. In order to prevent such risks from occurring, it may be necessary to have ISO 27001 Information Security Certificate standards.

5. How long can ISO 27001 Certificate be obtained?
To get ISO 27001 certification, you need to apply to a priority consulting firm. After the application process, a training schedule is created with factors such as the size of your company, number of personnel, and deficiencies in information security. Trainings for small-scale companies can be completed within a month. Training in large companies spans four months.


Company Manager
Thank you for your experience in the sector, your structure that does not compromise ethical principles, and for providing us with all kinds of support in the certification processes with your experienced staff; We wish your success to continue for many years.


Company Manager
Our audit processes carried out with you are far from the abrasion experienced due to the nature of the audits, on the contrary, it has progressed in a restorative and constructive manner on behalf of our company. We would like to thank you again for your support in all these processes.


Company Manager
We would like to thank you for making the necessary improvements within the scope of ISO 27001 Information Security Management System studies that we initiated at our Grup Şişli Florence Nightingale hospital on 21.01.2018, and for making our information management processes safer with the audits you have carried out.


B.G.Y. System Representative
We express our satisfaction to DSR Certification and its employees for their sensitivity regarding the compliance of the Information Security Management System of our company with the ISO 27001: 2013 standard, the follow-up of the necessary regulations and improvements, the necessary care and services to inform our personnel, and to ensure sustainability, and thank you for your assistance.


University Administration
In the process of establishing ISO 27001: 2013 Information Security Management System in our university, DSR Certification's efforts and contributions are enormous in the creation of the basic awareness and the components that affect the entire information management process in our university. Throughout the service we received, we are also very pleased that solutions specific to our institution are produced for our problems and that this resolution process is carried out quickly.

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